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Ask me how to control your home or business with your iPad, iPhone or Andriod!

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We can help improve your boardroom’s effectiveness with better lighting and audio, and through video conferencing technology:

  • Lighting: important for any boardroom, conference room, or office, we can improve office lighting, provide dimmers, accent lights, and automation
  • Audio: improve conference calls or video calls with wireless or Bluetooth speakers throughout your conference or boardroom so everyone can hear well.
  • Video Conferencing: almost as real as being in person, ATLAVS can install video conferencing solutions if your office
  • Shades: Automated shades can greatly enhance the visibility of any Powerpoint presentation, or video conference call by reducing sunlight. We can install automated or manual shades.

With limited amount of time available, companies have to collaborate and interact with employees and clients in the most effective way. This requires boardrooms and conference rooms to be efficient for all types of meetings.

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